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Here’s a fresh can of ready-made answers


On our product pages you can indicate how often you wish to receive a product. You can also specify your preferred payment method during the check-out process. Payment will always be made at the time of shipment, so usually 2 days before the products are delivered to you. As long as you let us know at least 2 days before the planned delivery day, we can always adjust or cancel your order.

You can navigate to your profile via the menu at the top. Look for the icon of a persona that can usually be found at the top right. Then click on “Subscription” and here you can adjust your subscription to your needs.

Starting a subscription is easy. Simply go to one of our product pages , select the desired product and check the option “Subscription”. Then you choose your desired delivery frequency and the Keeshond is ready!

A subscription takes the worry out of having to run to the store at the last minute to buy pet food. You can register via our webshop and you can cancel the subscription at any time free of charge. You choose which products you want to receive and with what frequency. You also get a discount on our products and shipping costs.


You can cancel your subscription with Imby at any time free of charge. Go to your profile and then click on “Subscription”. You will find a button here that allows you to cancel your subscription. As long as you do this 2 days before your next delivery, it’s completely free. Need help? Send an email to [email protected].



The biggest advantage of a subscription is the peace of mind that your dog food is always at your door on time. In addition, as a subscriber you get at least 10% discount on our products, free deliveries from €15 and exclusive access to new products. Sounds pretty tasty, right?



No, our subscription is completely free. You can stop or pause it at any time free of charge and you will also receive all our products at cheaper rates.

Pet food

Since dogs prefer a consistent diet, it is important to take the time to switch to a new food. We therefore recommend mixing our food step by step in the dog bowl with the previous brand, so that the dog can get used to it:

Day 1-2: Mix 25% Imby food with 75% of the old stuff

Day 3-4: Don’t be too greedy! From now on you can mix 50% Imby food with 50% of the previous recipe

Day 5-6: From day 5 you can feed 75% Imby. Our planet is already starting to look fresher!

Day 7: It’s all yours!

These instructions can also be found on the product pages under the section “Switching Tips”

Puppies go through intense growth and development in their first months of life, so it’s important to select the right food for them. Our insect based puppy dog ​​food offers everything a young dog needs. A high dose of energy and quality proteins that are easy to digest, make our puppy food suitable for all breeds.


It is always good to consult your vet if you have an allergy. However, our Imby food is free from common allergens (such as meat, dairy products, wheat and soy) which makes it considered hypoallergenic. The corn gluten used in our recipes is not a nuisance for dogs with a gluten intolerance and provides important nutrients such as methionine and beta-carotene that are essential for the dog.

You can find all the information regarding our food on the back of our packaging. In addition, it is also available on the product pages of our webshop and we have a separate page about “Quality and Health” where you get extra information about the ingredients we use.

The guidelines for our food are stated on the side of our packaging and also on the product pages of our webshop.

The insect powder that is used in our dog food comes from the larvae of the yellow mealworm beetle, also known as the Tenebrio Molitor. The premium proteins of the larvae are extremely suitable for pet food due to the high presence of amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids that are essential in your dog’s diet.


Our pet food and snacks are suitable for all dog breeds. It is important to emphasize that we recommend different recipes per age. Our plant-based food is only suitable for adult dogs. Within our insect recipes we make a distinction between puppy, mini, medium, maxi and senior. It is recommended to select the right food for your dog on the basis of age and weight.


All our pet food is free from traditional meat, poultry and fish. Our vegetable dog food consists of 99.999% vegetable ingredients. However, dogs also need D3 vitamins, as they do not make them themselves. This D3 vitamin comes from lanolin (sheep’s wool) that is exposed to ultraviolet light. For lanolin production, sheep are only sheared and not killed. Strictly speaking, our plant-based product is therefore 100% vegetarian, but only 99.999% vegan. Our 2 vegetable snacks, on the other hand, are 100% vegan as they contain no animal ingredients.

Our food and skin & coat snack with insect proteins are both very sustainable, but strictly speaking not vegan. Strictly speaking, insects are also animals and that is why these recipes do not fall under the vegan category.


Depending on the breed of your dog, sooner or later he or she will fall into the “senior” category. In general, larger dog breeds age faster than smaller ones. We recommend taking our insect-based senior food for older dogs, but our plant-based food is also suitable for older dogs.

Our food and skin & coat snack with insect proteins are both very sustainable, but strictly speaking not vegan. Strictly speaking, insects are also animals and that is why these recipes do not fall under the vegan category.


The Imby pet food is a balanced and complete food. This means that you do not need to add extra supplements to feed your dog healthy. We do not use cheap fillers such as soy, waste grains or leftover meat and only use high-quality ingredients. Each of our recipes contains a healthy balance of proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to promote your dog’s health.

Our food and skin & coat snack with insect proteins are both very sustainable, but strictly speaking not vegan. Strictly speaking, insects are also animals and that is why these recipes do not fall under the vegan category.



‘whatever! We are always looking for improvements to further optimize our processes and packaging and of course we also look at the development of new, sustainable recipes. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

To calculate our CO2 emissions, we analyze the life cycle of our products. This means that we first look at the CO2 emissions associated with the cultivation or cultivation of our ingredients, then the CO2 emissions from transport to our production facility are calculated and finally we calculate the impact of our production machines. The transport from our storage to the end customer already takes place through a CO2-neutral collaboration with our logistics partners. For more information, be sure to take a look at our “Sustainability” page.

We are one of the first brands in pet food to work with a 100% mono-plastic that is therefore also 100% recyclable. Historically, flexible packaging, such as bags, almost always consists of layers of different plastics, often with non-plastic materials such as paper and aluminum. This makes recycling extremely difficult. Our monoplastic packaging ensures that our materials can be used fully circularly and are therefore sustainable. All you need to do now is sort the bags correctly. Thank you!

Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions of our operations to zero, zero, nada. At the moment we already have very favorable CO2 emissions compared to the other pet food companies and we are proud of that. We are also committed to ‘offsetting’ our remaining CO2 emissions by investing in Reforest’Action projects that are certified via The Gold Standard . For every kilo of CO2 we emit, we buy more than enough carbon credits from Reforest’Action. They will use this money to sponsor sustainable initiatives to further green our planet. We are currently investing in the construction of forests in Belgium and the Netherlands.

My account, order & pay

A hitch? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Send an email to [email protected] or leave a message with our chatbot Bobby!


If you are concerned about a payment or are having trouble completing it, you can always contact the Imby team: email [email protected] or contact Bobby, our chatbot!

When you place an order in your shopping cart, you have the option to check out and pay. During this process you will be given the opportunity to enter discount codes and these will be automatically deducted from the amount due.

That’s very simple. Go to our ‘Home’ or ‘Food’ page and scroll all the way down. You can leave your e-mail address there without obligation and the Keeshond is ready. Thank you for your interest!

In the rats? We’ll send Lassie to you! You can easily create an Imby account by clicking on the people icon, which is usually located at the top right of your screen. Then leave your details and become part of our family!

On our ‘Home’ page you will see an icon of a person in the top right corner. By clicking on this symbol, you will arrive at your Imby Account/Profile and here you can change your personal information.

Right away! Send an email to [email protected] with your name and order number. Our team will send you an invoice within a few days.

If you are concerned about the delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact the Imby team. This can be done by sending an email to [email protected] or by leaving a message with our chatbot Bobby.

Our accountant currently accepts the following payment methods: Bancontact (Maestro), iDEAL, Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal and Sofort Banking. In addition, the direct metering methods of Belfius and KBC/CBC are also available.


Sample pack

Each customer can order a maximum of 1 sample pack per family, regardless of the number of pets. Your dog can of course enjoy unlimited use of our natural and planet-friendly ingredients. That is sustainable business!

A sample pack gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with our products at a low price. You decide for yourself whether you choose vegetable dog food or food based on insects. You also have the option to add 2 snacks of your choice. We will then send you a sample pack worth 24 euros or more for a price of €9. Shipping is also free. And watching your dog enjoy it is priceless, right?

Nothing, nada, nothing. A sample pack is completely free of any obligations, but there is a good chance that after that one delicious meal your dog expects you to order Imby dog ​​food again.

Shipping & Returns

To return a package, first send an email to [email protected] with the title “RETURN”. We will then personally help you to properly return your package.

In Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg we aim to deliver our products to the chosen destination within 48 hours of ordering. Unfortunately, it is always possible that there is a delay in our logistics chain, so that this takes a little longer. In other European countries this depends on our local logistics partners and we try to deliver within 5 days.

With each of our orders, a ‘track & trace’ code will be sent to the email address you have provided. With this code you will be able to track at any time where and when your order will be delivered.

Delivery is free for all one-time orders from €35 within Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. For subscribers in these countries we deliver for free from €15 per order. For all orders smaller than these respective amounts, we usually charge €4.95. The logistics rates for European countries outside the Benelux vary per country and depend on our logistics partners.