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Imby creates a sustainable future
for our pets and our planet

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Plants & Insects
Imby Pet Food - Broeikasgas Grafiek

Greenhouse Gases

kg/100g of protein

Imby Pet Food - Landgebruik Grafiek

Land Use

m2/100g of protein

Imby Pet Food - Watergebruik Grafiek

Water Usage

L/100 g of protein

Making a difference to
planet Earth

At Imby, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to an absolute minimum by making sustainable choices in terms of ingredients, preparation, packaging and distribution

Locally sourced and produced

Most of our healthy ingredients are sourced from Belgium, the Netherlands and France, thereby supporting local farmers. Our production facilities are located in Belgium and Netherlands, which helps us to limit emissions from transportation

Optimized & sustainable logistics

We deliver to your home via carbon-neutral shipping, in boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard. We aim to deliver within 48 hours after receiving your order.

Monoplastics with minimal impact

Our mono-plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and completely circular. Some dog food brands sell their food in paper bags. However, these often contain a plastic layer on the inside, making them impossible to recycle. So mono-plastic seems to be the most sustainable solution available at this point.

We are 100% carbon-free

Together with our partner Reforest’Action, we are planting forests in Belgium (Mont-Saint-Aubert) and the Netherlands (Walik) to completely neutralize our remaining CO2 emissions. We also purchase CO2 credits to prevents forests in Latin-America from being destroyed for farmland usage.

Een bundel van Imby Pet Food met insecten hondenvoer
Een bundel van Imby Pet Food met insecten hondenvoer

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