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Five good reasons to stop feeding your dog meat

Dogs are omnivores and can perfectly thrive on plant-based or insect-based food. It's packed with proteins & vitamins for a healthy lifestyle.

People sometimes doubt whether it’s smart to stop feeding your dog meat. Below you can provide 5 compelling arguments to convince you to make the switch!

Meat is #1 cause of dog food allergies

Did you know that 10% of all dogs suffer from allergies? The majority of these allergies are food allergies, cause by the consumption of beef, chicken, lamb, dairy and wheat. Dogs typically show allergic reactions to proteins derived from meat or animal products. By making the switch to insect-based or plant-based food, most of these allergies can be resolved. Less than 2% of all dogs show allergic reactions to insect proteins and it’s even fewer for our plant-based recipe.

Dogs & cats consume 20% of the global meat production

This has the unfortunate consequence that the paw print of our pets is significant. Most dogs and cats consume meat every day, thereby increasing the demand for meat products. Did you know that for 100 grams of protein, beef emits 50 times more CO2 compared to insect proteins or plant-based nutrients? Now that you know, it’s time to take action and do something about it. Check out our recipes here.

Plant-based and insect-based recipes offer perfect meat alternatives for pets

Insect powder is up to 3 times richer in protein than a fresh chicken filet and comes without the disadvantages of meat. It is virtually CO2 neutral and raised entirely on natural waste products. Plant-based proteins are also a great alternative to meat, as they are very tasty and easy to digest. At Imby we add sufficient vitamins and amino acids to guarantee our plant-based food offers everything your doggie requires for a long and active life.

Dogs are omnivores and love the taste of  plant-based food

Dogs have evolved over the past millennia into omnivores. This means they can eat both meat and plants. It remains extremely important however that they consume sufficient proteins on a daily basis. At Imby we provide different protein contents per age category and size. Our puppy food contains higher protein levels to support the growth curve of our cute fluffball and our senior food contains lower calories to avoid overweight with your dog. In summary: make sure you always select the right recipe for your four-legged friend!

It’s vet approved

In the meantime, several veterinarians and breeders have joined the Imby network and are happy to recommend our food to their customers. Not only good for the planet, but also good for your health! Check out our products today and try for yourself!