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Adopting a dog has many advantages

Adopt don't shop! Adopting a dog gives so much joy. This article gives you some tips in your search for a new fluffy soulmate.

Adopt a dog

Most dog & cat lovers cannot imagine it, but tens of thousands of pets end up in animal shelters every year. Every future pet owner should think twice before they buy a new fluffy friend. The welfare of our pet animals and the health of our planet are both at stake. In this article, we list the advantages of adopting a pet.


Every animal deserves a good home and by adopting a new playmate, you can score twice. Adoption has a number of advantages that you should definitely keep in mind. Apart from offering a warm nest, it is also worthwhile involving the shelter staff in your choice of new dog. They know the characters of their animals best and can therefore select a companion that suits you well. Are you an active Usain Bolt or rather the champion of seat-hanging? The Vizla or Dachshund they select for you will undoubtedly share your passions.


The first advantage, is that there are usually no waiting times for adopting a dog, in stark contrast to the many months you sometimes have to wait for a puppy from a recognized breeder. In addition, many dogs in the shelter are already house-trained, so you don’t have to expect any unpleasant surprises from little Blackie in your bathroom. With a bit of luck, your four-legged friend has already mastered some basic commands and “sit” or “paw” will already sound familiar.

Finally, it is not only the gratitude of your new dog that you should take into account. Our planet will also light a candle for you (figuratively speaking, because candles are not good for our environment), since by adopting you reduce the demand for new puppies. This means that slightly fewer dogs need to be fed each day, which in turn helps to reduce the global footprint. Did you know that dogs and cats consume 20% of the world’s meat? You can find out more on our Sustainability page.


We can conclude that adopting a dog has its advantages. Are you ready for it or would you rather be there from day one? In any case, think twice before taking a dog into your home, because an animal is not a television that you can turn on or off when it suits you.

Living in the UK and looking for a pet to adopt? Here are a few websites that are able to help you out:

  • RSPCA:
  • Blue Cross:
  • Pet Adoption UK:
  • Dog Trust:
Every pet deserves a warm home.