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How can you activate your savings in the battle against climate change?

By allocating your savings to green investments, you can combine a good return on investment with a healthier planet. Win-win!

Een porseleinen spaarvarken in de vorm van een mopshond.

There are many good initiatives going on around the world to combat global warming and move towards a sustainable society. But did you know that your savings can also play a significant role? Imby explains exactly how this works.

What happens with the savings in your bank account?

The British people are known to put their money in the piggy bank every week (read: your bank account). But what actually happens to those savings? Every bank has an obligation to keep a fixed percentage of the money liquid (aka pure cash in the account). With the remaining amount of money, the bank invests. They do this to cover running costs, pay out interest and, of course, make a profit. However, did you know that there is also a way to activate your savings in the fight against global warming?


Do you know in which assets the bank invests your money?
Where things go south, is that a large proportion of our savings is invested in unsustainable products or companies. Much of our savings are still channeled towards fossil fuel companies. These companies frequently promise to reduce their carbon footprint, but the truth is that their activity will never be truly sustainable. Large companies such as ExxonMobil or British Petroleum have oil-pumping and creating polluting fuels as main activity. When your bank invests your savings into these companies, you indirectly also sponsor their activity and contribute to climate change.

Invest in sustainable companies with a positive impact on our planet.

But how do you change that, my dear Imby? There are solutions to activate your savings against climate change. If you ask the bank what your savings are invested in, you will usually get a vague answer. Our advice is to start step by step. Do you have long-term investments? Then ask your bank in which products and companies the savings are invested exactly. Don’t like the answer? Then simply ask to change. We are not experts in investments, but most investors are looking for a sustainable return. If you would ask our opinion, we would say that you can only achieve great long-term returns by investing in sustainable companies. After all, it would not be smart to put your money in companies that might no longer exist in 20 years.

If you have any doubts, you can of course start with a small step… Start with the CO2-free dog food from Imby and do your bit for a better world.


Disclaimer: Imby does not give official investment advice, we only try to create climate awareness among our Imby fans.