Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

The best grain free dog food, healthy & hypoallergenic

Starting from £3,56

Imby grain free food for dogs is packed with proteins and free from wheat, barley and maize. It’s hypoallergenic and developed by veterinarians.

The best grain free dog food, healthy & hypoallergenic

Starting from £3,56

Imby grain free food for dogs is packed with proteins and free from wheat, barley and maize. It’s hypoallergenic and developed by veterinarians.

The advantages of grain-free dog food

  • 1
    Easy to digest
    All Imby recipes are using highly digestible ingredients, such as insect proteins, pumpkin, sweet potato and peas. Our grain free food for dogs is also packed with nutrients & vitamins.
  • 2
    Low chance for allergies
    Most dogs are actually not allergenic to grains, but to animal proteins. That is why the best grain free food for dogs in UK use alternative proteins to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • 3
    Grain free dry dog food is nutritious
    The best thing about grain free dog food is that it is packed with nutrients! The wide variety of ingredients in our recipes guarantees a well-balanced daily meal to support an active lifestyle.
  • 4
    Lower risk for obesity
    Dog food with many grains (sometimes more than 60%) often contains a high dosis of carbohydrates. These carbs are converted to sugars which trigger obesity in your dog. The best grain free dog foods have less carbs.
  • 5
    Shiny skin & coat
    Dogs with an intolerance for grains, often suffer from an itchy skin and coat. Grain free dog food can offer improvements within 4 weeks.
  • 6
    Suitable for gluten intolerance
    Grainfree dog food is also absent of gluten. Gluten originate from grains, so any food that is especially absent in wheat and barley for example, will typically also be gluten-free. Grain free dog food is therefore a great solution for a gluten intolerance.

Grain-free dog food vs traditional food

Grain free dry dog food often contains more nutrients and less carbohydrates than traditional dog food. It also has a much lower chance to trigger allergic reactions.
  • High quality ingredients
  • Low allergy chances
  • Recommended by vets


  • Meat waste & antibiotics
  • High allergy chances
  • Low quality food

Additional questions regarding grain-free kibble

  • Is grain-free dog food good for puppies?
    Puppies mainly need a high protein content in their first months. Proteins will help to support their growth and build a strong bone structure. Rather than looking for grain free food for dogs / puppies, just look for food with a protein content close to 30%.
  • Do vets recommend grain-free dog food?
    Vets are a big fan of grain-free dog food with insect proteins, as it often contains more nutrients versus traditional dog food and contains a lot less allergens. Especially dog food without animal proteins, wheat and barley offers a great solution for allergic dogs.
  • Are grains always bad for dogs?
    Grains are not necessarily bad for dogs. They are rich in fibers and provide your dog with energy. They also support alignment between proteins, fats and minerals in a dogs's body. Unfortunately some dogs have troubles digesting grains, in which case grain free wet dog food might be a good solution.
  • What is the cheapest grain free dog food in UK?
    There are many brands that offer grain free dog food in UK, so it's important to consider several factors. Compare things such as main ingredients, proteins levels, fat content and fiber content to come to the right price/quality conclusion.

Dogs’ digestion improves with this food and dogs like it. We have put a few dogs with gastrointestinal problems on the food who have been doing significantly better since then! We are very happy to have Imby in our veterinary clinic)

Ruben Van Vlasselaer

Fan of Imby! As this food contains only one hypoallergenic protein source (insect), it is an ideal food for many food-allergic dogs. The results are remarkable, even the dog’s overall health improves. The hypoallergenic snacks are also well tolerated and very eagerly eaten!

Lissa Lambrecht

Imby’s food based on insect protein and vegetable ingredients is carefully formulated, helps prevent animal suffering and is an ideal solution for many dogs with food allergies. Guus and I are big fans!

Piet Hellemans

My dog was biting his paws for a long time because there was a bad inflammation between the paw pads. Since we switched to Imby, the paws are completely normal again and the biting has also stopped completely !

Kelly H.

Laika had a food allergy in her face from the age of 5. On the vet’s advice, we switched to hypoallergenic dog food from Imby. What a discovery, all the problems disappeared!

Jonas R.

My French Bulldog Freddy suffered from severe allergies for years that caused irritations everywhere. Thanks to Imby, Freddy got rid of his irritations completely and also became more active!

Anthony V.

My puppy Dachshund had been suffering from lumps on his lower abdomen and paws for several months. After switching to Imby’s hypoallergenic dog food, all symptoms were gone after 2 weeks!

Alexandra H.

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Cheap grain-free dog food

If you are looking for affordable grain free dog food, then don’t be discouraged by seeing the high prices of some brands. It is definitely possible to purchase dog food without grains at an affordable price as well. To make sure that you also buy good quality dog food, pay attention to the protein content (ideally proteins are derived from meat, fish or insects), the absence of grains such as wheat, barley or maize and solid levels of vitamins & minerals. We also recommend to only buy food with 100% natural ingredients from brands that avoid artificial colours, flavours and sugars. The best grain-free dog food recipes usually have protein levels above 25% for puppies & medium dogs. They complement proteins with healthy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peas, spinach and broccoli. These will provide sufficient fibers, vitamins & minerals to guarantee your dog a long & happy life.

What is the best grain free dog food in UK?

The best grain free food for dogs usually contains more proteins compared to dog food without grains. It’s important to pay attention to the ingredients that replace the grains however. Usually grains get replaced by potatoes, peas or lentils. Whereas these ingredients contains very little allergens for dogs, you still need to double check that the amount of proteins in the food remains sufficiently high. Anything starting from 24% proteins should be more than sufficient (the European regulator stipulates that the minimum proteins in dog food should be 18%). Whenever proteins are higher than 30%, they usually will not get absorbed by a dogs body and simply be disposed. Also pay attention that no animal byproducts are used in your grain-free dog food, as this is typically inferior quality meat.

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