Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

Hypoallergenic dog food, recommended by vets

Starting from £3,56

Our hypyallergenic dog food contains insect based & plant-based proteins and is free of animal proteins, wheat and barley. The perfect dog food against allergies.

Hypoallergenic dog food, recommended by vets

Starting from £3,56

Our hypyallergenic dog food contains insect based & plant-based proteins and is free of animal proteins, wheat and barley. The perfect dog food against allergies.

Dog food against allergies, delicious and packed with vitamins

The anti-allergy dog of Imby is well-balanced and healthy. It contains all the nutrients that your dog needs to live an active & happy life without the allergy complaints.

Advantages of hypoallergenic food for dogs

  • 1
    Unique protein source
    Only contains insect proteins as animal protein source, of which is scientifically proven that less than 2% of all pets react allergic to it.
  • 2
    Beautiful skin & coat
    Contains all essential proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that dogs require to live a healthy life.
  • 3
    Developed by vets door dierenartsen
    Our hypoallergenic dog food is developed by nutritionists and vets with many years of expertise in the pet food industry.
  • 4
    Dog food against allergies
    Does your dog suffer from allergy complaints? Our dog food against allergies should give you visible improvements within just a few weeks.
  • 5
    100% natural
    Our ingredients are entirely natural. We avoid using colourants or artificial flavours in our recipes.
  • 6
    Positive reviews
    Our fluffy friends love the tast of our hypoallergenic dog food, thanks to the usage of fresh ingredients that add nutritional value.

Imby vs Traditional Food

Hypoallergenic dog food often contains more nutrients than traditional dog food. On top, it has the advantage that it contains very little allergens. The Imby recipes support a healthy lifestyle for dogs with and without allergies.
  • No chicken, beef or lamb allergens
  • No barley or wheat
  • Belgian Product


Traditional hondenvoer

  • High allergy risk
  • Contains barley & wheat
  • Untraceable production

Importance of proteins in hypoallergenic dog food

  • What are proteins?
    Proteins consist of amino acids, the building blocks of a dogs' body. Each dog requires 22 amino acids to survive, of which he can produce 12 himself. That means that a healthy dog food needs to provide the 10 amino acids that are not self-produced. Amino acids can be derived from meat, insects or plant-based sources. Meat has the big downside that it often triggers allergies, which is why insect proteins or plant-based ingredients offer a good alternative.
  • Which function do proteins have in the body?
    They have several functions in the body, including building and repairing muscle mass and body tissues. They are essential in forming new skin cells and hormones and also make hair grow.
  • Other advantages of allergy free dog food?
    Definitely! Proteins contribute to a stronger immune system and, just like carbohydrates, they provide the required daily energy for your dog.
  • Which proteins does a dog need?
    The main importance is that your pet receives sufficient amino acids. The hypoallergenic dog food recipes of Imby all contain the 10 essential amino acids in abundance. It doesn't matter whether these amino acids are derived from meat, insect proteins or plant-based ingredients, as long as they are sufficiently present and easy to digest.

Experiences with Imby

Feedback from our loyal Imby users

Dogs’ digestion improves with this food and dogs like it. We have put a few dogs with gastrointestinal problems on the food who have been doing significantly better since then! We are very happy to have Imby in our veterinary clinic)

Ruben Van Vlasselaer

Fan of Imby! As this food contains only one hypoallergenic protein source (insect), it is an ideal food for many food-allergic dogs. The results are remarkable, even the dog’s overall health improves. The hypoallergenic snacks are also well tolerated and very eagerly eaten!

Lissa Lambrecht

Imby’s food based on insect protein and vegetable ingredients is carefully formulated, helps prevent animal suffering and is an ideal solution for many dogs with food allergies. Guus and I are big fans!

Piet Hellemans

My dog was biting his paws for a long time because there was a bad inflammation between the paw pads. Since we switched to Imby, the paws are completely normal again and the biting has also stopped completely !

Kelly H.

Laika had a food allergy in her face from the age of 5. On the vet’s advice, we switched to hypoallergenic dog food from Imby. What a discovery, all the problems disappeared!

Jonas R.

My French Bulldog Freddy suffered from severe allergies for years that caused irritations everywhere. Thanks to Imby, Freddy got rid of his irritations completely and also became more active!

Anthony V.

My puppy Dachshund had been suffering from lumps on his lower abdomen and paws for several months. After switching to Imby’s hypoallergenic dog food, all symptoms were gone after 2 weeks!

Alexandra H.

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Plant-based & allergy free dog food

Our Imby plant-based dog food is completely free of animal ingredients, wheat and barley and therefore also fits perfectly into the category of best hypoallergenic dog food in UK. Dogs are evolved to omnivores over the past millennia and can perfectly cope with a plant-based diet. Thanks to a wide range of natural ingredients, the recipe contains all the necessary amino acids and nutrients your dog needs. This dog food against allergies is made with sweet potato, pumpkin, blueberries, cranberries, spinach, olive oil and other plant-based ingredients. It has a low risk of an allergic reaction and is an ideal hypoallergenic dog food for dogs who care about animal welfare and global warming.

Insect based & hypo allergenic dog food

Imby hypoallergenic food for dogs contains only 1 unique protein source, namely insect protein. This recipe is supplemented with rich ingredients such as sweet potato, broccoli, blueberries, spinach and other superfoods. A different hypoallergenic dog food is available for every age group and dog breed. Since less than 2% of all dogs show an allergic reaction to insect protein, this is a very good alternative for animals looking for an anti-allergy dog food. Moreover, insect powder is 3 times richer in protein than a fresh chicken breast, making it a very healthy food source. The food is complete and does not need to be supplemented with other nutritional supplements. It is suitable for dogs of all breeds, including those not suffering from allergies.

Best hypoallergenic dog food in UK

Veterinarians are positive about the properties of insect protein-based hypoallergenic dog food and see many advantages. The first advantage is that insects are a new protein source to which there are currently no allergies linked. Therefore, the proteins also do not need to be hydrolysed (read: chopped up) to prevent allergies, so insect proteins remain unprocessed and retain their full quality. A second advantage is the nutritional aspect. Insects contain 3 times more protein than a fresh chicken breast, contain all 10 essential amino acids a dog needs in abundance and are packed with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These aspects make insects a perfect alternative to meat or fish. Finally, using insects in hypoallergenic dog food is much more sustainable and animal-friendly than meat production. 20% of global meat production is consumed by our pets and this has a hugely negative impact on our climate. The main impacts are an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, land use and a reduction in biodiversity. Insects, on the other hand, are grown on redundant waste streams from human consumption and thanks to their short life cycle, they are hyper-efficient in producing protein. In addition, plant-based dog food is also gaining a strong mark within the vet network. Thanks to carefully formulated recipes, plant-based food is also considered well-balanced & complete and is the best hypoallergenic food for dogs.

Dog food hypoallergenic without gluten

Dogs, like humans, can also suffer from a gluten allergy (also sometimes called celiac disease) or a gluten hypersensitivity. But what exactly are gluten? Gluten are proteins commonly found in certain grains such as wheat, spelt, rye and barley. There is a distinction however within these types of gluten: you have glutenins and gliadins. It is the gliadins that give rise to the problems linked to a gluten allergy. There are also cereals with few of these gliadins that can be eaten by dogs with a gluten allergy, such as rice and maize. So how do you recognise a gluten allergy in your dog? The symptoms that occur with this type of allergy are obviously different for each animal but the most common complaints are itching and intestinal complaints. When a gluten-allergic dog ingests gluten, the small intestine gets damaged, which is responsible for the absorption of nutrients. The resistance will therefore decrease as not enough nutrients can be absorbed and your dog will get sick. So it is best to anticipate this and give an anti-allergy dog food from the start, such as Imby’s insect based and plant-based dog food. Certain dog breeds suffer more from gluten intolerance than others, such as the Irish Setter for example. If you suspect your dog has a gluten allergy, be sure to visit a vet and consider switching to allergy free dog food.

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