Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

Vegan dog food, sustainable & hypoallergenic

Starting from £3,56

Our vegan food for dogs is well-balanced & complete, delicious, free of animal cruelty and CO2 neutral.

Vegan dog food, sustainable & hypoallergenic

Starting from £3,56

Our vegan food for dogs is well-balanced & complete, delicious, free of animal cruelty and CO2 neutral.

Advantages of vegan dog food

  • 1
    Nutritionally complete
    The vegan dog food of Imby is complete and contains all nutritients, proteins, vitamins and minerals that your pet requires for a long & happy life.
  • 2
    Hypoallergenic & healthy
    Vegan dog food is not only healthy, it's also hypoallergenic. It's perfect for dogs who suffer from food allergies. Imby's dog food is also free from wheat, barley and soy.
  • 3
    Developed by vets
    Our vegan dog food is developed by a team of nutritionists and vets with many years of experience in the pet food industry. Our recipes are complete and don't require any additional supplements.
  • 4
    Omnivores, not carnivores
    It might sound strange to some, but it is proven that dogs, just like humans, are omnivores and are able to digest plant-based foods quite easily.
  • 5
    Vegan food for dogs
    Several scientific papers have shown that complete vegan dog food has a positive impact on your dogs' health and reduces the change of severe illness. Consequently, vegan dogs tend to live longer.
  • 6
    Natural ingredients
    Imby's vegan dog food is mad eof healthy & premium ingredients, such as sweet potato, pumpkin and broccoli. Perfect to support your dogs' active lifestyle.

Imby vs Traditional Dog Food

A vegan diet for dogs often provides more nutrients than traditional dog food, especially because it often uses a broader set of ingredients. On top it has the advantage that it doesn’t contain any frequent allergens.
  • Protein rich & planet-friendly
  • No meat allergens
  • Vet formulated


  • Slaughter waste, antibiotics & growth hormones
  • High allergy risk
  • Use of fillers (wheat, barley)

Dogs are omnivores

  • Anatomy and behaviour
    Is it possible to give your dog a vegan diet? Absolutely! When we analyse a dog's behaviour, food preferences and anatomy, it is pretty clear that dogs are omnivores. They are capable of converting animal ingredients and plant ingredients into healthy life energy.
  • Best vegan dog food in UK
    Vegan dog food is growing in popularity because it provides a healthy and balanced diet for your dog. When carefully formulated, like the Imby recipe, plant-based food contains all the essential 10 amino acids your dog needs for its daily activity. And it tastes delicious!
  • Are there any proteins in vegan pet food?
    Proteins are often of animal origin, which has the risk of triggering severe allergies. In vegan dog food, proteins come from plant-based ingredients such as peas, sweet potato, pumpkin, naked oats and yeast. So you get a complete protein profile without the need for animal ingredients.
  • Which function do proteins have?
    They have several functions in the body, including building and repairing muscle mass and body tissues. They make hair grow and are essential in forming hormones and new skin cells. Vegan proteins contribute to a stronger immune system and, like carbohydrates, they also provide the necessary dose of daily energy.

Dogs’ digestion improves with this food and dogs like it. We have put a few dogs with gastrointestinal problems on the food who have been doing significantly better since then! We are very happy to have Imby in our veterinary clinic)

Ruben Van Vlasselaer

Fan of Imby! As this food contains only one hypoallergenic protein source (insect), it is an ideal food for many food-allergic dogs. The results are remarkable, even the dog’s overall health improves. The hypoallergenic snacks are also well tolerated and very eagerly eaten!

Lissa Lambrecht

Imby’s food based on insect protein and vegetable ingredients is carefully formulated, helps prevent animal suffering and is an ideal solution for many dogs with food allergies. Guus and I are big fans!

Piet Hellemans

My dog was biting his paws for a long time because there was a bad inflammation between the paw pads. Since we switched to Imby, the paws are completely normal again and the biting has also stopped completely !

Kelly H.

Laika had a food allergy in her face from the age of 5. On the vet’s advice, we switched to hypoallergenic dog food from Imby. What a discovery, all the problems disappeared!

Jonas R.

My French Bulldog Freddy suffered from severe allergies for years that caused irritations everywhere. Thanks to Imby, Freddy got rid of his irritations completely and also became more active!

Anthony V.

My puppy Dachshund had been suffering from lumps on his lower abdomen and paws for several months. After switching to Imby’s hypoallergenic dog food, all symptoms were gone after 2 weeks!

Alexandra H.

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Do dogs not require meat?

Many people think dogs need meat in their diet, but there is scientific evidence that dogs can do very well on a plant-based diet. Dogs need nutrients (like proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and not specific ingredients (like meat or fish). Dogs can perfectly get all the nutrients they need from a combination of plant-based ingredients. By the way, did you know that according to the Guiness Book of World Records, one of the oldest dogs ever lived on a plant-based diet?

Vegan dog food is planet-friendly

Imby dog food is more sustainable and much more animal-friendly than animal protein-based food. 20% of global meat production is consumed by our pets and this has a huge negative impact on our climate. Meat has a negative impact on greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, land use and biodiversity. Plants have a much lower impact on the environment than meat. At Imby, we try to source our plant-based ingredients as locally as possible and produce in Belgium to minimise our footprint and support the local economy. Thanks to our carefully formulated recipes developed by vets, our plant-based food is also considered complete and is also a very good dog food to avoid allergies in your dog.

Vegan dog foods are hypoallergenic

Vegan dog foods are completely free of animal ingredients, wheat and barley and therefore also fit perfectly into the category of hypoallergenic and best vegan dog food UK. Dogs have evolved into omnivores over the past millennia and can perfectly cope with a plant-based diet. Thanks to a wide range of natural ingredients, the recipe contains all the necessary amino acids and nutrients your dog needs. The plant-based dog food is made from sweet potato, pumpkin, blueberries, cranberries, spinach, olive oil and other plant-based ingredients. It has a low risk of an allergic reaction and is an ideal solution for dogs who value animal welfare and global warming.

Best vegan dog food in UK

Most vets are positive are positive about giving your dog a vegan diet and see many benefits. First, vegan dog food contains no over-processed meat meal, antibiotics or saturated fats linked to negative health effects. Second, vegan dog food is free of allergens and thus hypoallergenic, perfect for dogs with allergies. Third, thanks to natural prebiotics and fibre, veg food for dogs provides all the elements to nourish your dog’s immune system and produce a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. Fourth, vegan dog food is packed with proteins and nutrients if properly formulated, as is the case for Imby’s vegan dog food. And finally, it’s just much more sustainable and better for our beautiful planet!

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