Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.

Use code CHANGE20 for a 20% discount on your first order. Click here.


Dogs’ digestion improves with this food and dogs like it. We have put a few dogs with gastrointestinal problems on the food who have been doing significantly better since then! We are very happy to have Imby in our veterinary clinic)

Ruben Van Vlasselaer

Fan of Imby! As this food contains only one hypoallergenic protein source (insect), it is an ideal food for many food-allergic dogs. The results are remarkable, even the dog’s overall health improves. The hypoallergenic snacks are also well tolerated and very eagerly eaten!

Lissa Lambrecht

Imby’s food based on insect protein and vegetable ingredients is carefully formulated, helps prevent animal suffering and is an ideal solution for many dogs with food allergies. Guus and I are big fans!

Piet Hellemans

My dog was biting his paws for a long time because there was a bad inflammation between the paw pads. Since we switched to Imby, the paws are completely normal again and the biting has also stopped completely !

Kelly H.

Laika had a food allergy in her face from the age of 5. On the vet’s advice, we switched to hypoallergenic dog food from Imby. What a discovery, all the problems disappeared!

Jonas R.

My French Bulldog Freddy suffered from severe allergies for years that caused irritations everywhere. Thanks to Imby, Freddy got rid of his irritations completely and also became more active!

Anthony V.

My puppy Dachshund had been suffering from lumps on his lower abdomen and paws for several months. After switching to Imby’s hypoallergenic dog food, all symptoms were gone after 2 weeks!

Alexandra H.

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